Project Description


The beauty of in-line sliding patio doors lies in their ability to provide virtually unhindered views of the great outdoors while barely touching your living space – even when open.
An entirely flush outer frame allows the Imagine Sliding Door to blend harmoniously into any room and, witha large choice of colour and woodgrain finishes from the Variations collection, it’s easy to tailor to any design scheme. You can even opt for different colours on either side of the frame.
Two, three and four pane options are available to tailor this stylish door to any type and size of room. Homeowners can choose internal or external sliding doors and, what’s more, it’s possible to have multiple sliding doors.
For an even more seamless transition from in to outdoors, the Imagine Sliding Door can be installed with a choice of thresholds including a low, easy-access option.
We’ve concentrated on the way that the doors meet one another and
the frame – introducing brushes to all sides and a unique quadruple-seal interlock that keeps the warmth in and the weather out.


• 3 chambers profile
• A basic installation depth of 70 mm
• Uf=2,3 W/m²K
• Its excellent thermal insulation is achieved by a unique multichamber geometry, enabling Uw values of up to 1.8 W/m²K
• System reinforcement of 1,5-2 mm with galvanized steel for optimum structural integrity, stability and long-lasting functionality.
• EPDM gaskets for heat insulation.
• Locking plate fixed on the galvanized steel of the frame.
• Brush-slide system – GU 3-point locking
• Saint-Gobain glazing